Dave Garrison

How long have you been at CCoF?

I have been a member of Christ’s Church of Flagstaff since 1991. My family and I were a part of First Christian Church when they merged with CCoF. I was an Elder at FCC and was graciously accepted onto the Eldership of CCoF.
Tell us about your family.
My wife, Valerie, and I have two adult sons. Both sons are married and have two children each. Michael and Kyla are here in Flagstaff and active members of CCoF. Daniel and Amanda are currently stationed in Cheyenne, WY where he is an Air Force Pilot.
How have you served the Flagstaff community over the years?
I am retired from the Arizona Department of Public Safety, where I served as an Officer/Paramedic and spent the bulk of my career assigned to the Air Rescue helicopter here in Flagstaff. When I retired from DPS, I served for an additional 5 years as a part-time Search and Rescue coordinator for the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office.
What is your passion? What's your favorite way to serve at CCoF?
Valerie and I have enjoyed spending time on several short-term mission trips to Austria (TCM) and Alaska (Samaritan’s Purse). Besides the Eldership, I enjoy being a part of the Safety team. Valerie has served in several ministries of the church including; missions, tech team, counting and Stephens Ministry.