Serve Locally

Love 928

At Christ’s Church of Flagstaff, we believe we are called to live selflessly by being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Love928 represents our collective commitment to selfless living within our city. It is a city-wide service project that aims to bring together individuals and groups to make a positive impact on Flagstaff, AZ. Each year, approximately 16+ groups spread across Flagstaff and its surrounding areas, and are actively involved in serving non-profit organizations, schools, and various community groups. Whether you’re experienced or new to volunteering, there are projects suitable for all skill levels and ages. We encourage you to join us, bring a friend, and lend a helping hand as we work together to make a difference through Love928.

The next serving opportunity is  September 30, 2023

Community Partners

We have a desire to extend our unwavering support to fellow ministries and organizations that are making a significant impact in our community. Through our partnerships, we pray the transformative love of Jesus is shown to one more person every single day. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of these collaborations, that they will bring about significant change in the lives of those is Flagstaff.

Serve Globally


Global Engagement

At CCoF, we embrace God’s call to reach the nations, believing that everyone deserves a chance to know Jesus. Currently, 29% of the world’s population doesn’t have that chance simply because of where they were born. To address this disparity in access to the gospel, we believe that everyone in our church is either a Goer or a Sender – we all have a vital role to play in fulfilling Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20).

 In addition, we have a special connection with the Saharawi people of North Africa that started in 1997 when we began praying for them. Since then, we have visited the refugee camps they live in to teach English and help with projects, we have had Saharawi children come to Flagstaff for the summer, we started an English school in one refugee camp at Saharawis’ request, and we have prayed and advocated for the Saharwi people, who have been waiting for their chance to return to their homeland since 1976. To learn more about the plight of the Saharawi people and our church’s deep connection to them, we invite you to watch the video to the left.

Global Partners

Not only are we passionate about sharing the gospel with everyone here in Flagstaff, but we want people around the world to know who Jesus is. That’s why we have partnered with missionaries, ministries, and organizations around the globe.