Ron Phillips

How long have you been at CCoF?

I have been at CCoF for 32 years. I have served as an Elder for 30 years and was on staff for 16 years.
Tell us about your family.
I have been married to Marlene for 41 year. We have 2 married sons, 9 grand-children, two of which are married and 2 great grandchildren and another one, a little girl due in January.
How have you served the Flagstaff community over the years?
I am retired, since 2012, prior to retirement I was on staff at CCoF for 16 years serving in many different capacities and before serving at the church I was a real estate agent and associate broker.
What is your passion? What's your favorite way to serve at CCoF?
I have always enjoyed working with young couples, did a lot of premaritals over the years. I also enjoy helping people grow in their walks with Christ. If I can help anyone in that way, by sharing my experience’s and story it makes me feel I’m using my gifts to fulfill God’s mission.
What's your favorite Flagstaff restaurant and menu item?
Our favorite restaurant is probably our go-to, La Fonda’s. My wife and I usually split whatever the special of the day is.