Jim Dorman

How long have you been at CCoF?

Since its inception in 1984.
Tell us about your family.
I am married to Phyllis and we have three children (Jeff, Brad, and Carrie who are married to Casey, Sarah, and Chad) and five grandchildren (Carter, Will, Ava, Alex, and Tyler). We are blessed as they all live in Flagstaff and we are able to see each of them on a very regular basis.
How have you served the Flagstaff community over the years?
I was the founding pastor of Christ’s Church of Flagstaff and retired, after 32 years of leading this great ministry, in 2016. In addition to my role as CCoF’s Founding Pastor, I have served our community through many board positions, some being Northern Arizona Healthcare, Flagstaff Medical Center, Flagstaff Rotary Club, Aspen Valley Golf Club, FaithWorks, and Flagstaff Association of Evangelicals.
What is your passion? What's your favorite way to serve at CCoF?
My passion for ministry manifests itself in three many areas: I love to teach; I love to introduce people to the Christian life by presenting “The Peace Treaty”; and, serve those in need through one of four local ministries: Salvation Army, Flagstaff Family Food Center/Food Bank, Sunshine Rescue Mission-Hope Cottage, and Feeding Northern Arizona’s Future.
What's your favorite Flagstaff restaurant and menu item?
For breakfast, it is Brandy’s where my favorite items are the Breakfast Burrito and the Swedish Oat Pancakes. For Lunch and Dinner, Phyllis and I like Outback for its variety.