Our giving changes lives and communities, and demonstrates our understanding that God is the supplier of everything.

By giving through CCoF, lives are impacted in Northern Arizona and throughout the world. We believe our generosity is a reflection of God working in our lives and shows that we trust him.

Why We Give

We don’t give because God or CCoF need our money. We believe that how we view God will determine what we think about money. Through Scripture and lived experience, we believe that God is a loving owner of everything. As such, we trust His plan for our money and believe that giving is part of God’s best for each of us. Giving shows that we trust that God is for us, not against us.

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The Impact of Giving

Just as scripture asks, CCoF gives away a large portion of the gifts we receive to fund God’s work all over the world.  We have a long history of funding dozens of missions partners and local agencies every year.  Check out how God used these resources to impact the world this past year.